Weekly Update: v0.10.8!

The weekly update has been released!

This week Ami's final fate is revealed! Also, there's a new Qarinah story event, the next stage of the Fey questline and two characters can move into the Manor! Or three, I guess, depending on how you count these things. More than one, anyway. I hope you enjoy! :)


  • Qarinah: New Story Event!
  • Ami: You can now give Ami headpats in her Manor room!
  • Ami: You can now be naughty with Ami in her Manor room!
  • Hana: You can now be naughty with Hana in her Manor room! (No love for Ard, though. Any interest in Ard femboy?)
  • Misc: Tidied up the girls' stats in the Heart Menu (Thanks, Cursed!)
  • Misc: Changed "get any farther" to "go any further" in the Heart menu hints. Grammar!
  • Misc: Animations have been converted from VP9 to VP8, which should mean better stability and less fps drops (Thanks, Cursed!)
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where looking around Morgana's Crystal room would return an old, no-longer-applicable description
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where you could ask Artifact for help with something that was already resolved
  • Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could trigger Annie's barn scenes while she's heavily pregnant (that's not good for the baby!)
  • Bug: Fixed a glitch where you could miss Annie's Sunday afternoon easter egg hunt if you advanced her storyline too quickly
  • Bug: Fixed some glitchy audio files. All sound effects should be working properly at last!
  • Bug: A few minor typos fixed


CK v0.10.8 - for PC/Linux
Jul 21, 2021
CK v0.10.8 - for MAC
Jul 21, 2021
CK v0.10.8 - for Android
Jul 21, 2021

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Looking through old dev logs and I can confirm that at least one player still wants that Ard femboy scene.

Can I continue from my last save after an update?

Yes, the game will automatically transfer your saves between each update :) If you're on Android, though, be sure you don't delete the apk, or all your saves will go with it!


ard femboy? are you really asking this? hell yeah we want a femboy


Ard femboy would be very much appreciated.


Ard femboy? 

hell yeah


I can imagine Ard asking if you wanted him to switch for naughty time with Hana and his surprise and shock when the player says he wants him!

Is there any mechanical relevancy to the character stats of the girls? Like how there's the counter of each act type, and the individual characteristics. I'm not sure what they do mechanically.

Not at the moment, no. Eventually they'll unlock certain events but at the moment they're really just a marker of how much time you've spent with each girl. Like naughty leaderboards! ;P

What's the Annie easter egg event? Can you still unlock it if you've already advanced her story all the way?

If you go to Annie's farm on Sunday morning and talk to her you'll get her Easter egg event, which is a silly little thing I put in last Easter. You can get it at any point, provided Annie isn't heavily pregnant at the time :)


Ard femboy all the way! ^^

(1 edit) (+4)

Yes Please! A love event with femboy Ard sounds awesome!

(1 edit) (+4)

I would in fact be interested in Tsundere Ard Femboy


Why not have it so at some point you can either make a potion or have someone make a potion to turn and into an actual femme rather than a mech (sorry too much transformers in my hear) and yea its just a suggestion but then again I'm not very good or have it so its a choice in the options of having trap and futanari or not


There is actually an in-game hint/easter egg for the eagle-eyed that hints at a possible gender-swapping ability already, so it's definitely a possibility :)  But yeah, if (and it's a big if) femboy Ard was ever added to the game, it'd definitely have an on/off toggle in the preferences.

thank you cause I know some people like trap but for me it would just feel weird to even think of having sex with a femboy