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a question i haven't seen yet: will you unlock the other "demenses" when you beat morgana? or is it after you beat the whole story? and what is the 5th heart for? (golden one) is it locked for an upcoming update or is it like patreon only type of thing?

oh and um, will chloe be using the "swap appearance" thing more often in act three? yk where she can become someone she absorbs?


Will the kids be returning in act three by any chance? They are incredibly wholesome to interact with.

i am 90% certain, yes

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Question: How do you get the outfit of Jessica in a purple sweater. It is the 4th image on her status screen.  I haven't really tried digging but it would take too much time so I might as well just ask lol. :)

Also, do the kids change if you make new ones lol

I honestly feel bad sending them away lmao but if you do will the 2nd child look the same and be the same gender and stuff? 

An absolutely excellent game!

Just reached the "end" that we have for now. lol
I am amazed by how fast you release updates!


Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm happy you're enjoying the game :)

The purple outfit is actually Jessica's yoga outfit - you can find her doing yoga in the Manor's living room on Saturday mornings.

The kids will always look and act the same, as the system isn't set up to allow for true appearance randomisation. Which is sad on the one hand, but on the other hand it means that if the kids show up in the sequels then their appearances will all be canonical :)


Can you actually put anyone in the dungeon


You can't imprison anyone in Act Two (although it will be a feature in Act Three) but you can bring Jessica, Gwen and Chloe down for "disciplining"

How does one get someone pregnant

you just keep cumming inside of them until it happens? i've made like 7 girls pregnant literally by accident

(oh and some girls in the game cannot get pregnant, pretty sure it's main characters only ((characters in the heart area)) )

no, you need to get their love to 4+

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I literally beat this game in 1 day without cheats, kinda fun, after completing the game i decided to go back and mess around a little, try most of the answers, cheat a little, and at no point did i try to unlock the whole gallery, i have it 90%+ complete and i wanna beat it normally, only thing i can't find is the apartment D:
other than that, amazing game, 10.5/10
edit: little edit here, just wanted to say i love how it's not all about sex like some games, it's actually a story game and not just: go here, have sex, done with the game
can't wait for the new upcoming update, gladly wait 2 weeks for the full thing to be released, and i love the weekly update system, this is probably one of my favourite games on this website. So, thank you.
oh and yes i did know it was in a loop before it was actually revealed, i mean, literally who couldn't guess? especially with the way zero acts


Hey, thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying the game! :)

As for the apartment, if you haven't found it then you're missing quite a lot of the game, including most of Roxy's storyline if I remember correctly. You'll need to be on the Town map and click EXPLORE. Then enter random directions until you find an "empty" scene (no event triggers) and choose not to look for any escorts.

At that point you'll be given a text hint, pointing you towards a fire. Enter the correct directions, based on the hint, and you'll find it. There's three new characters to find and interact with at the apartment, so good luck!

oh thats the apartment, i thought it was just a random burning building. XD

How do i change their outfits after the second chapter

In Act Two you can only change the outfits during naughty events. In Act Three you can change the outfits at the wardrobe in your room (if you haven't unlocked the wardrobe yet, just keep following your leads) :)

Well , I am starting the game, I see the "thinking" text and when I click the game is crashing 

That's strange... what version are you running, what OS and what device model? Is the traceback.txt in your game folder giving you any useful information?

Try fully powering down your device and then turning it back on again. I know it's a meme at this point, but it honestly solves 90% of the weird problems that get reported.

where do i find the witches cottage?

Check the hat in your inventory :)

thank you


i honestly cant stop playing, i was at one point because of grinding but there's a cheat system that i used only once for my struggle and its honestly made it a better experience the animation gets better as you progress and both you and little(or big idk) you will be happy cant wait for the next update to do more stuff (spoilers ahead.....................................) i really cant wait to do more with emma lily and jessica most importantly tree lady tho

Haha, well I'm happy that you're enjoying the game, and that the cheat system helped! :)

Much more Emma, Lily and Jessica content on the way - and Morgana naughty content once you reach her zone in the Conquer system...

looking forward to it


Great Game! Absolutely Amazing!

A question for the author... where did you get the sprites for abilities? Because the same ones were present in some simple little RPG game I played on android years ago XD

It is an interesting coincidence XD

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the game! :)

As for the sprites, all assets are credited and linked to in the game's CREDIT.txt, but just to save you from having to dig around for it:

Painterly Spell Icons by J.W. Bjerk: ( )

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Aha, yup. I see thanks :D
I reverse searched the images lol but the only thing I found with that was the wiki for your game hahahah so I thought they might be your original creation :P


honestly playing vn's are one of my favorite passtimes this past 2 years and in all honestly i can say your game corrupted kingdoms out the many ive played is top 3 for sure,only rivaled by cardibris and dr pinkcake quality of games,I wish u a very happy rest of the day mate keep on pushing for all our enjoyments :)

Thank you for the kind words - and the high praise! I'm glad you're enjoying CK, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything I have planned for the future! The next update is gonna be an important one :)

You gotta tell me how you fit this whole game into 1 gigabyte

wanna not run into a storage situation if I make my own game someday plus no one wants to deal with lag


I use Audacity to compress audio, save all renders (except ones that rely on transparency) as .webp files and all videos/animations as .webm.

It's quite a bit of extra work (surprisingly few editing programs support webm/webp natively) but it shrinks the file size by nearly four times so it's worth it (I know a lot of people have slow connections and/or data caps and I want to make things as easy as possible for them) :)


Since there isn't an update this week, I shall wish any who read this a very good rest of your day, and good luck with that thing you have to do!


A very good day to you, too, and I hope all your tasks for the week are accomplished with ease and grace, leaving you free for a truly relaxing weekend :)


Hope you're doing well arc! Love your dedication to this project. Will definitely be sliding you some coin in the near future for your efforts

Aww, thanks! Honestly, if you're playing CK and enjoying it then that already makes me super happy :)

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мне игра очень нравится я бы хотел помочь но я всего лишний пользователь я желаю что бы игра развилалась было больше подписчиков


я всегда вас буду поддерживать

Большое спасибо за добрые слова и поддержку!


Always need more :))) SO Good

I'm happy you're enjoying it! I'm working hard to get the next update out as soon as possible! :)

Love the game but I have an issue with logging on the game it just kicks me out of it every time I try to play it

Hmm, that's strange. I assume you're on Android?

It could be a storage space issue, or a corrupted download, or you could simply need to power down your device and then power it up again.

If freeing up space, redownloading and turning your device off and on again don't work then unfortunately it looks like it could be an incompatibility between your phone model and OS and Ren'py (the SDK that CK is built on) :(


just a question, for the council woman when you explore the outskirts, is there anything you can do with her in act 2 or is that something thats a planned feature for another act? loving the game and i cant wait for the next update!

The Caretaker? No, you can't do anything with her in Act Two, but she'll have a large role to play in Act Three!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything I have planned for the future. Next couple updates are going to be big! :)

Yeah it was the caretaker XD, and im very interested to see what you have planned, keep up the great work! Much love <3


Need update

I'm still deep in the coding mines, working on the Conquer/Combat systems. Next update next week (check out the patch notes for the last release for details)

Okay, i play the game 410day in game XD

I admire your dedication! :)

Someone says that Helen can come to the house but who is Helen??

I have no idea. Maybe they mean Hana?

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I know,this is an offtopic question,but you are russian?


Nope! But I seem to have a lot of Russian players. Thank goodness for Google translate! ;)

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I downloaded this game for research and science and such; but, it has absolutely won me over.  I have found it more entertaining than many other forms of entertainment including TV shows and games with a huge team behind them.

  I've done about all I can on my own without cheating. However, I am completely stuck now. After getting the password from Tom, I can't do anything else to push the story forward. Does anyone know what to do? 

Hey, thanks for the kind words and I'm happy you're enjoying CK so much! Always very nice for a solo developer to hear they're beating out teams of people ;)

As for being stuck, what do your leads (envelope icon in the top right of the screen) and the girls' Heart menu hints (heart icon in the top right of the screen) say?

I had made it up to this point without realizing there were hints in the envolope section. The majority of the times I took inteligent guesses.

I thank you very much,  you have a true gift at what you do, so thank you for sharing it with us. 

Haha, no worries - it happens more often than you'd think! And really, which of us hasn't tried to pull a "push" door from time to time? ;)

Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy everything I have planned for the future!

hey! there's something to do about the Quiet Girl or nothing yet?-

Nothing yet - the mysteries of both the Quiet Girl and the Sword Girl will be revealed later on in Act Three :)

Im so anxious for it dhabdushsus 

Every time I try to download it keeps getting half way through then saying forbidden, any tips to fix that?

Sounds like an ISP issue - your internet provider is blocking the download, or your connection is being interrupted halfway through. You can try a VPN or else download from the official Patreon or Subscribestar pages :)

alr i need to follow the lead ' stratagise with jesica' but i cant find her anywhere

Sunday afternoon at the front door or Wednesday morning in the bathroom - locations are listed in the changelogs :)

Эта самая самая самая лучшая игра такого характера только жаль что я тупой и не понимаю где найти хлою там написано что в окрестностях что то волшебное помогите пожалуйста найти хлою я уже три чеса Гуглу где Хлоя 

Вы должны найти Lyx, ведьму-гоблина :) Нажмите «ИССЛЕДОВАТЬ» на карте фермы и следуйте текстовым подсказкам.

а вы будете ещё добавлять каких не будь персонажей


В третьем акте добавятся новые персонажи для боевой системы :)

I played it a loooong time ago. Excited to see whats new. Btw you can get the black cat at Morgana's house already or nah?

Black cat?

yas, forgot her name. She wear glasses and appears at the library when you're dealing with Morgana's servants

Ohh erica?  No she doesnt come to house, just ami, ard and helen

How do i unlock the 3 mom in school?

Just keep raising your Authority level. Eventually you'll come up against the "Big Three", at which point just talk to Madison in the college office :)

I want to fuck Morgana but It says that i cant in This version of the game. Can Someone help


Not possible yet, sorry! Morgana is one of the main Faction leaders so getting naughty with her is more of an end-game goal.

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а они появятся в 3 акте они мне понравились особенно вы надними очень постарались


И вои вот с этими персонажами

Акт третий для первого и третьего персонажей. Со вторым персонажем ничего не сделаешь. Она особенная :)


Да, все они появятся в третьем акте :)

Game needs to be optimized a little more. It works for like 1 minute tops before it just crashes and closes the app on its own. I'm playing this on my Motorola android phone and it's a very recent model too so I understand what could be going wrong.

Nothing to do with game optimisation, I'm afraid - Ren'py and Android just don't play well together sometimes, especially in the case of newer model phones running the latest OS. PyTom (the creator of Ren'py) is in a perpetual state of trying to catch up with the latest changes to Android.

That being said, is the game crashing randomly after a minute or is it always at a specific point?

If it's random then it'll be an incompatibility between your device, your Android OS and Ren'py, in which case the only solution is to download JoiPlay ( ) and install the WIN version of the game (it's identical to the Android version).

If it's always at a specific point then it will be an issue specifically with your phone or ISP - either drivers have gone wonky or haven't been updated correctly, there's not enough storage, the download was corrupted or else something super esoteric like you unplugged your headphones (which causes Ren'py to black screen sometimes, for no discernible reason).

Thanks for the help! I installed JoiPlay just now but I am going to need a little more help. Correct me if I am wrong, but you want me to download the Win/Linux version instead of the Android version? Assuming the JoiPlay connection, JoiPlay will make the game work as if I'm using the Android version?

Is there any anal scenes?

There's one or two, but it's not made super obvious. A few people have asked for it, though, so expect explicit anal scenes in Act Three :)

So ive been playing on android and got up the the start of act 3. is there a way i can transfer the saves to my PC so i dont have to start over? I try coping the save files but it keep giving me an unexpected error. even tried moving the files around on the phone and still get errors


Yup! Saves are compatible across all operating systems and devices :) Just make sure you're getting them from - and putting them in - the right place (and don't forget to copy your "persistent" file too, or you'll lose your Gallery unlocks!)


PC > Local Disk (usually C:) > Users > USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > RenPy > CorruptedKingdoms-1547378918




~/. renpy/CorruptedKingdoms/



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I found them on my andrioid but when i go to copy and move them it says Unspecified error


Why is this game not on the top rated page on the adult tags? serious question Corrupted kingdoms is head and shoulders above a lot of garbage on there. I AM CONFUSED

Haha, spread the good word and upvote, upvote, upvote! I'm glad you're enjoying CK! :)

I am and I do, I really would add the adult tag! that's like the first NSFW tag to come up on itch!

How can i make pixie ready?

Feed her lots of ice cream..? Sorry, I don't actually know what you're asking.


when you try to do anything other with pixie rather than touching her or kissing her, it says she isnt ready. Im asking how can i make her ready for more

Just keep progressing the storyline - you get access to "proper" naughty events with Pixie in Act Two.

а когда игра закончится у же хочу поиграть на русском


Когда игра выйдет в бету, будет русский перевод :)


The speed this game are a glorious madman/madwoman/eldritch tentacle monster, and I love it!

My RSI and messed-up shoulder thank you! ;)

Heh I can imagine, but in all seriousness thanks for the amazing game, it's rare to find one with so much love put in, I wish you luck with this and any (lewd) future projects you may work on. ;)


What has happened to my favorite beloved Gwen! will she ever recover? YOU CAN'T BE PLAYING WITH MY HEART LIKE THIS!!


Gaze upon the consequences of your actions! :O

No, i regret everything take me to a different timeline :'( 

If we cannot commit war crimes when the combat/conquer system releases, I will be sad.


You've already committed all the other crimes - why not some war crimes too?

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