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1. I brought the two fish girls together but it keeps telling me they need more time. How long do I have to wait?

2. How do I deal with Council Caretaker?


1. Arc's gonna have to tally another point for me...
On 0.16.2 you get nothing, there is no more content with them.
Next update will have a little bit of content,  but the update is smaller overall since Arc had some IRL issues to deal with.

2. There's no content with her.
Turns out people just forget she even exists, so Arc decided to postpone her content into act 3 so we can get there faster. 
In act 3 she might have a higher degree of relevance in terms of story.

What's the deal with those yellow hearts? Do they lock things like "adultress" for Jessica? Are they limited to the Patreon version?

i think that those are blocked until a future update (probably act 3)


Nah, there's no paywalled content around these parts.
Supporters just get the game 3 days earlier.

And yeah, it's an act 3 thing.
Same with the last two stat levels.

Good to know. And what about the personalities (?) that are greyed out on the character cards? Are these also Act 3, or can I already unlock them?
I tried looking for a Wiki for guidance, but the one I found was very outdated.


Yeah, TBH none of us can be arsed to actually work on it.

If you're playing on a current version, all the ones you see are the ones you can unlock.
Back in the day the cards had more of these quirks, but there wasn't really any way to tell which ones are in the game or not.

They're pretty much achievements at this point, plan is to have them gatekeep content.
Which is why I say, don't feel pressured to unlock them all, you probably don't want all of them.
I don't really want Gwen's "Damaged" for example.

I totally understand, it's a lot of work.

I deactivated the Yandere stuff for Gwen, since I'm absolutely not into that. I'm mostly interested into the one for Jessica, since I really like her. Pixie could be interesting, too.

All in all, the game is a lot of fun so far. Not just simple "bla bla bla, okay let's bang", but a good amount of dialogue with characters that often are really likeable.

Maybe add some more upskirt scenes in the college/have a upskirt option while inside the college

Is act three not out yet lyx's card says "wait for act three"


It will be released before version 1.17.0.


No, act 3 is not out.

Getting close but not there yet.

Main story stuff, we gotta raid the church before it becomes act 3.

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im thinkg about what the power rankings would be for each Council Member, tell me if you think their correect, or if their not, what would you change?

1. Qarinah, she can manipulate drems and not even the Eldritch can confront her on her domain.

2. Roxy, she seems to have quite a bit of fire power (pun intended)

3. Morgana, we dont know much about her but she seems like a powerfull magic user, and Gramps says shes dangerous.

4. Asteria, on the physical department she would probably win against any other Member, but the others seem much more magically inclined, and we have seen that even throwing rocks can damage minotaurs.

5. Luna, its a wabbit

Honestly I think morgana and roxy should be swapped, as our MC was able to figure out how to deal with them after what ill assume is barely any time and be able to touch her, so I feel like with extra time a complete counter could be found.

I would agree with you, except that Roxy seems to be Morganas counter (being a dryad and all) and I imagine she could take care of Asteria and Luna  as they both seem to be pure meele fighters


can u tell me how to make the cow girl get pregnant

have seggs, but first love has to be at 4+

how to make it +4


Follow the hint in her card


by getting it to three and upgrading it by one


1/10  (I hated this game so much, I did what I never do on a porn site, i made a profile just to leave a comment. I hated this game that much)

The game does the worst sin of a hentai game, which is make you giga work (a few hours of game play literially) before you reach a single sex scene. Even teases you. Like this is a hentai game, I downloaded it hard, and now I'm soft. Just ended up closing it out and looking up videos. 

the writing sucks (and wayyyyy to much dialog) 

Forcing you to skip, no real direction, so you're basically forced to skip days and search wtf you're suppose to do. 

Weird ass systems to force you to level up (doing jobs that's just basically spam skipping text) 

Currently day 120, without a single sex scene.  (Minor teases, but nothing hard) 

Most girls are ugly (like why have chick's that have quadriple D tits? Wtf. That's not even realistic, and I'm pretty sure majority of the hentai community prefers regular Ds. Not backbreaking body distorting tits) 

Overall worst hentai game I've ever played, atleast the super cheap ones have sex scenes in the first hour of the game. Don't download, waste of time.


Twenty five


i think your just bad, i cannot fathom how one would go to be at day 120 and not have a single scene, it took me like 200 days to get all of them and i grinded quite a bit on the club


To all the dopey cunts complaining about "its story, bluh bluh bluh you suck" and cant handle someone having a opinion, you wanna find a hentai based game with good story? MC sim, thats how you do a story. This is just shit covered in more shit.

Fucking abomination of a fucking story. "I'm going back to a town, which where my family lives. I gotta get revenge on bad guys. Even tho I don't tell you why, OH let me spend 3 paragraph of dialog describing my shitty apartment, giving you useless dialog like going to the store. 

Another paragraph of dialog about going to bed. Then SURPRISE monster. Ok now that a scary monster is about to murder me, let's have another 4 paragraph dialog of fairy girl saying run you must live. Repeat that about 10 times. Introducing you to the visual novel cluster fuck I call this game. Oh and apparently you have super powers that allows you to mind control people, but everyone can resist it when it comes to sexual scenes. "

This game is a fuckery of teasing. But the worst kind of teasing, which is working way to much to the shit scenes you get.


You just suck tbh, there's a lot of sex scenes in the game so u must be doing something wrong. Plus, that's the point of the game to have a story 


How do i suck? TF? Its a fucking porn game. Its not like im playing skyrim here, if i wanted to play a story with nudity, i would just boot skyrim mods or fallout mods. If you downloaded this game for story, and not to jerk off. You need to touch grass


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Cannot argue about graphics because everyone has their preference and focus.

You must be stuck at Lily's job. I stuck there to when I start the game and ended up keeping working until day 42 as don't understand how to progress. After you finish act 1, you will start to find a lot of scenes.

Although you just found a bad game for quick release. This is a long game that will make you fall for the character with a great story. Not just give you a cute girl for you to f. 

On Windows, you can find honey select 2 or Koikatsu on which is the game that focuses on that. Be aware that the game is kinda big.


You're just really bad at taste. Everyone has their own style on their games. You said everyone hates it, buddy? Tell that to the people that supports Arc about his work.

You can people here supporting and encouraging him about the game, and here you are being the lone hater and dissing about Sex scenes. It took a me hours for the sex scenes and I still read everything. And if you don't like the body shape and design? Go somewhere else and don't even try to tell everyone that we're the same as you, cuz we're not.

You're just really that desperate for sex. Touch some grass and take your BS away from here. Everyone here wants to chill and go with the flow. Plot and Sex of this game rocks.


I love how you assume the opposite shit and completely wrong. You're going to diss me because I was wanting porn? WHAT TYPE OF AUTISTIC SHIT IS THAT. My braincells are commiting suicide just trying to understand that logic. You do realise every man has watched porn before, right?

Or is your braincell count so much in the negative that basic cognitive thinking is impossible for you?

Go off yourself, you dopey autistic cunt


And you made me do something I've never done before, make an account just to reply on a idiotic and braindead comment. Imagine complaining about a game being unrealistic when it's largely stylized as anime, imagine being so horny you become illiterate, and finally imagine complaining about too much dialogue in a VISUAL NOVEL GAME.


I know you're not talking. Fucking spastic braindead ICU patient. Go to your autistic anonymous meetings, and cry more you fucking  mongaloid. 

So, I logged in just to say that if it isn't your cup of tea then you can just uninstall, I highly doubt anyone is forcing you to play this game.

That being said, it was roughly 5 minutes of story until the first sexual acts in my playthrough, I was nice towards the characters* which saw to this.

(*most of whom appear to be have been emotionally abused/neglected btw*)

So to call someone a mongoloid for your own play style is funny.

Be a dick towards everyone, get treated like a dick in turn.


Is it impossible to get my proggres? I just unistal this game and I wanna play again but the story' is long


If you are on android... Yeah, by uninstalling the game you lost your saves.

If you download the new apk and install on top of the other one you get to keep your saves.

There is a way to backup saves (or load someone else's)

But you need to know how to use a file manager.
Solid Explorer is recommended.
The file path is:

Copy the contents somewhere else to backup, or put  the files back in.
You can probably get someone else's save in the discord server tho.

a piece of advice for just getting back to where you were, just skip all the text cause 90% of the time was just that

how to update game on pc?


You either download the zip again and extract it on a different folder.

Run the game, check the saves are loading and then remove the older version's files.

That, or you could use the launcher, it's very handy to keep the game up to date.

Lately, saving and quicksaving the game has been taking more time. I'm playing on android and the save file is not really big. When saving, my phone lag for 1-3 seconds. This could be a game engine problem though.

Bug? (or still developing?) Lady of Lake is in the Marina with Nexus girl, but she is still at the end of expore feeling lonely


Next version is small but adds a few scenes with the two fishies.

But yeah, some stuff does need some tweaks.

how many fey forms dose chloe have, i have bimbo and assasin but i was wondering if there are any more


She only gets more forms as part of the main story.

She only has two, more might come in the future, but don't expect her to absorb named characters.




when i can fuck artifact?



Well, thing is, she's one of the few female characters that Arc isn't really planning to lewd.

Lorewise, she's too powerful to use mind control on and she's not really interested in sex, doesn't even have pusspuss.

Also she's translucent, so the sex scenes would look extremely wonky.

i was reading the update logs and saw a mention of third mother, is this a character or what?


yes she is

who be she then

Spoiler alert: at some point there are three moms that prevent us to progress the school level, thus it's the third and most difficult one

oh, that one i forgot she existed, thanks for the reminder good fellow

Can I do anything with the quiet girl in the college in the library with max authority?


Nothing is implemented with her just yet.

What should i do? The game keeps closing after a few second to the game

does someone know how the quirks work, do they do something and why are some of them blanked out?


Well, back in the day girls had a lot of quirks but none were actually implemented, which was confusing for the players since there was no visual difference between ones you haven't unlocked yet and ones that simply aren't in the game.

Now all of the quirks you see are the ones you can get.
This, of course, has left some girls without any of them.

As for what they are?
Pretty much just achievements for doing certain things with some girls.
You probably don't want to unlock all of them so don't feel pressured.
I personally don't have any interest in unlocking Gwen's "damaged".

In the future, the idea is to have them gatekeep some content.

Like, taking Jessica's "Adultress" quirk as an example. 
Unlocking it would tell the game you like that sort of content, which would maybe unlock more scenes like the one you unlock the quirk on.
If you don't have the quirk, that content will either be disabled or less visible.

But currently they're just achievements, if anything.

thanks for the information, probably should have waited for it before unlocking all the quirks

How did I get damaged quirk?

Happens when you leave the yandere mode on (it's on by default on settings)
And ignore Gwen for a really long time.

She needs at least three rounds a week.

Ooops... Sorry Gwen T_T.

Just started on this. Excellent story so far.

One logical conundrum from the beginning - The bar maid is too busy for me to get her alone to use Control, yet she'll take me into the back room and give me a hand job - flesh to flesh which is perfect to use control...


It's a bit of a writing issue, but not a priority fixing it since act 1 content hasn't been touched in ages.

Maybe in the polishing  updates near when the story is done.

But the handjob only happens in the second Control event.
You can only have two events of using the power on her, the third one doesn't exist.

It's a placeholder text, but I do admit it's kinda silly if you consider that you can request a handjob, which is prime opportunity to give her another dose.

Fair enough, but you might want to consider that Act 1 is the first part of your game that new players experience...

I'm not the dev BTW.
Just unofficial tech support.

The game does need some polish.
Act 1 stuff was made over two years ago.

But Arc (also known as TheArcadean, sole dev of the game) doesn't really have time to spare going over and combing what he's done over and over.
People get antsy if they don't get new content.

So all sorts of polishing had to be pushed down in the list of priorities.
Tho I guess this conundrum could be fixed by just hiding the "use control" option after the second event.
I still don't know why he leaves it in spots where you never use it, like on Morgana's place.

What should I do with the think backward key in 


Type that as a key.

If you're on "think backwards" then you've used keys before, do the same, type the orange words


Anyone can tell me how can i find the "key for Samantha's appartement" ?

Jackie? tell me to ask Jackie but i have nothing.

Bring back Jackie? / Cosplay and naughty stuff. No key.


You can't progress there.

Jackie has the key, and you have to bring her along with you.
But she won't do anything because that ain't in the game yet.

Confusing, I know.
Arc's a dingus, nothing new here.





Where do I find the nexus fish girl and how do I put both fish girls into the marina


You meet nexus fishe in the eldritch main story.

She actually teaches you the power you can use to unlock an event with mountain fishe.

And to move them to the marina, you need to meet them both properly.
And then buy the marina and build the tunnel.


Gramps for sure hes got more technique while tbh asteria got pure strength 

who would win in a 1v1, Asteria or Gramps?

There's a clear canonical winner, but knowing who it is requires information not yet revealed in the game.

So... player vote! Who do you think would win? :)

(1 edit)

im 75% sure captain unhinged would win.

Definitely Gramps.

I'm, like, 100% sure.

Sry nevermind that reply. Pixie stole my phone, u see?

(I do agree with her, tho)

i cant believe that there really is a cannon winner

Either way if it were pure strenght alone i would be doubtfull but its clear Gramps has arcane magic bullshit on his side, so im gonna go with gramps

Gramps, no doubt about it. That old man is way stronger than he looks like, I'm sure of that (and he sure does look strong)

can u tell me how to update the game because iam already download it

Do exactly what you did the first time you downloaded the game :) All saves are automatically transferred to the new version.

If you're on PC, Mac or Linux you can also use the launcher to download patches as soon as updates are available. Much smaller and all the updating is done for you :)

thak u very much for help


Alright so first of all, this is the first vn game that i liked, second, supported the creator immediately after a couple of hours of playing it, and lastly, I actually enjoyed the plot and the story is good also love the goddamn events with your child.

All i can say is i wish to see more of this game in the future and Thanks for the Great game dev! keep up the good work!

Aww, thanks! I really appreciate it - both the kind words and the support! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything I have planned for the future of CK!

There's  mention of fish girl(s)  but i only remember the one in the lake in the mountains... where can i find the other(s)? Thank you in advance.


The only other one is found in the nexus.

How do you find her?

Type "whistle" in the key section


"...regionalny do Krakowa przez Myslowice, Jaworzno Szczakowa..." haha, nice to hear my hometown shout out in the train announcement!

Anyway, great game more Annie/lact content please, maybe with other ladies and group stuff like Madison/Annie/Veronica/Pixie milk orgy scene always good to find

On "extras">" side girls" how do I unlock the girl on Molly's right and the "others" girls?


To the right of Molly in the gallery...

That's the girl we refer to as the "Nun Puppet". You may remember her from the ending of act 1.

Anyway, she appears in the eldritch part of the main story.
Chastity will offer you relief(?) and if you refuse you miss the scene.

Maybe you did see it and the gallery didn't unlock, you can use the laptop cheat for that, the system is quite wonky.

In the "others" section, the only entry is part of the magic training with the goblin witch.
The second power you unlock with her.

So I didn't unlock it because of game's bug? Well, thank you.

do you plan on making gwen and chloe pregnant too?


Yup! Every main girl (and most side girls) have planned pregnancy content :) For both story and mechanical reasons Chloe and Gwen's pregnancies have to wait until Act Three.

v0.16.1 - How do I get Chloe's  7th (and last, so far) outfit?

Go to Chloe's room on any weekend morning :)

so i downloaded the laest version but i cant find any new content. where is it?

the version i had before this one was 15.4

The changelogs detail all the new content.


This does bring a point...
Game could use something like "ingame changelogs" or some sort of tracker for side content.

I mean, any regular player that just jumps blindly into updates wouldn't have much of a clue what's new, all the leads and girls cards have been stuck on the "no more content" thing for months.


Do you download the windows version?


(1 edit)

Hi! I played this game a while ago and deleted it but kept the saves just in case, However, now that i reinstalled it, if i put the saves back into the data folder, it doesn't do anything and nothing pops up. I tried putting the save folder and the insides of it in the save folder inside of data but it doesn't work, can i do anything for this or is my old saves gone bad?

What OS are you on? Depending on your device, you have to put your saves in different locations.


PC > Local Disk (usually C:) > Users > USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > RenPy > CorruptedKingdoms-1547378918

~/. renpy/CorruptedKingdoms/


(1 edit)

Android of course and yes, I put it in the right place. Nothing seems to work. 

Maybe, try to play the game a little and save. Then find the saved files. Replace the files with your backup.

how do we get the endless air?


Main story, eldritch lead.

Coincidentally that's also how you meet the other fish girl, since she gives you the power.

Is something supposed to happen once you get the fish girls together?  it keeps telling me to wait

Nah, Arc is a dingus and doesn't like making things clear for the end user.

They don't get any more content, if anything happens it will be on act 3.

Luckily, it seems like we might be on act 3 before we hit 0.17.0


Hey the android download is a .zip file and I cant open it. Is this intentional? If so could you tell me how I can access it?


Download zarchiver click in the file and extract the apk and you should get the android download

Thank you kind sir

Unfortunately this is something that Itch just does sometimes, and nobody knows why :/  The solution that GP1271 will work :)

So the fire that's west north west what am I supposed to do about it other than use endure? Because I know Jackie is in that direction but don't know what else to do

And as of right now all I can do is the scene with samantha for saving her


The burning building is part of Roxy's story.

You won't be able to do much until you progress Roxy's story (the hint will tell you to explore in town)

Oh ok well at least I have endure so I should be able to there anything else I need?

have pregnancy?



Go to the nexas in a few days after unlocking it for the mansion and have done it with every girl that can get pregnant 



I love this game I'm glad I stuck with it for so long I think I started around 0.01.1 or something like that and now for the big ??? How many arks are you planning  and are you planning a for a futa character?

Wow, you da real OG player! :) Thanks for sticking with CK for so long, I really appreciate it! The big Act Three kickoff starts very soon, so I hope you enjoy what I have planned!

There's going to be three arcs, plus an epilogue with branching endings. No futa character planned right now (although it's always an option on the monthly Patreon/Subscriberstar polls) but I'm considering doing a few specialised "DLC" packs (totally free) once the game is done that add controversial content like futas so that people can pick and choose their experience :)

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