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The Patreon page is no longer under review, but says it's been removed. :'(

Yes, the page is now completely dead :(

But fortunately many amazing players have been moving across to SubscribeStar, and if things can stabilize over there then CK can continue as it started all the way to the end!


Did they at least pay you out or are they actually intending to steal $8k from you and their consumers?


Quick question, I cleaned up the map, got trough the bridge, got back to the farm, found the shop, have a goblin living in the walls, and got Chloe out of the room. I assume that's all for this update? Cause I either did all I could, or am blind and missing something.


Watch for next update.  You are good, waiting too. Part of the fun doing a game in production. 

I have another version that I will not take into act 3 just play with the kids, go on dates, day dream ect. Works while waiting for updates.

I didn't progress with the fire girl and luna in act 2 and started act 3 accidentally. Will i be able to progress with them in future or nah?


No. Anything you don’t do in act 2 will potentially be lost in act 3.

And by lost I really mean it.

Nope! The game warned you three times that the Act Two finale was a point of no return :)

Go to a earlier save and play from there,,,if u did that.

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Whats the difference between destroying and touching that artifact near the end of act 2?


There is a difference, no one knows what it is because it hasn’t had an effect yet.

Game seems to try to tip you into destroying it, but you’re still given the choice anyway.

Wait so Im supposed to destroy it?


We don’t know what it does, just that the game keeps hinting that you shouldn’t.

I mean, if you rescued her in the end of act 2, have you talked to Puppet?

Nobody knows... yet :)




Honestly, for anyone wanting some input on what goes into the game, your best bet for that would be to join the Subscribestar page (linked above). Grab a subscription tier that has voting power to cast your vote for what you'd like to see in future content, as Arc (The Arcadean) does frequent polls on content for input from his supporters! Of course, this is no guarantee you'll see it put in, but it will definitely improve your chances... hope to see you there!


Good times spent.  3 times from beginning.  Thanks for the update! 

Wow, that's a lot of replays! You know you don't have to restart, right? ;)

Nevertheless, I'm happy you could still enjoy it after three run-throughs! Thank you!

Yes. Have LOTS of save points .  But was in a creative slump so was literally trying to memorize all the steps .  LOL  think I have them down but I will not spoil the fun of the adventure,,,just hint.   

Back to the laser, watching for updates. 

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Could there be some male and male action and female and female action aswell not just male and female?

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Honestly, if you want some input on what goes into the game, your best bet for that would be to join the subscribestar page. Grab a sub tier that has voting power to cast your vote for what you'd like to see in future content, as Arc (The Arcadean) does frequent polls on content for input from his supporters! Of course, this is no guarantee you'll see it put in, but it will definitely improve your chances... hope to see you there!


Oh wasnt sure of that I though i wpuld just put it and hope for the best but I will be sure to do that when I get paid lol see you there XD


What Wynspell said :) The kinks that go into the game are all voted on by subscribers and even though I include options for male content it always comes in dead last.

There is also at least one FF scene (the rinkos) but for the most part when two girls are involved it's FFM, because this is a mind control power fantasy and that means the vast majority of the target audience want to be involved in the naughty stuff and would take offense if they weren't ;P

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Yeah fair enough I forgot about the rinkos lol I finished everything basically so nevermind there Is one lol 😆 Also If it comes dead last then there's nothing I can do about that oh well

Very unlikely.

I don’t want to say outright no, because Arc does have femboys as a kink poll option (it never does well enough to consider adding it)

But yeah, even if it does happen, it’ll be a one-off thing.

Game’s kinda built on being a guy and banging girls.

So girl-on-girl action - much to my disappointment - is also unlikely to happen much.

Aside from some select encounters that can move onto threesomes.

Yeah I can understand that in this kind of the game in not what most of the people are looking for so that makes sense but if does end up getting added I won't be complaining

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In case it hasn't been reported, doing the first ninja mission on the 30th results in you waking at the manor and it registering as failed afterwards

Edit: the 31st too

There are no calendar dates in the game (just a day counter that ticks up and no triggers are tied to specific dates) and leads can't ever be marked as failed.

I will look into the mission, however, and see if there's something in there preventing you from progressing :)

Failed as in it isn't registered as successful and when I ask about training again the dialogue states she's giving me a second chance to do it right.

Are you talking about the first mission Sawano gives you? You might have just chosen the wrong choice. Try every option, one of them will work.

No I got it right. dont worry I considered that

I think your problem is something else.

It would be best to post the problem in the discord server so we can get properly into it.

But no, the day counter shouldn’t be a problem, it doesn’t affect anything.


Question before i download. Can you customize your character? Like your gender and stuff?


No, you can name the character and make important decisions and or choose it's personality, but not customize it in appearance. 

Yo games creative I have questions why don't you add mode like easy normal and hard Is you do might be a lot fun and also don't mind me when I Jak on My PC and phone 

May I ask a bold question Have you considered languages from other countries?After all, it's very popular now, maybe there are players from other countries


I think everyone should learn to play with English, that's a very common thing....

I am Asia from Cambodia Man just learn English is not that hard I don't try pick a fight

don't mind me just tell you learn English Is not that hard you can learn on online 

It's okay, brother. I've been learning English lately

great 👍 know Man keep up on u study Good luck Man 


Yes, but consider how frequent the updates are (every two weeks). They used to be even more frequent.

And the entire project is made by one guy (TheArcadean).

Making the translations while the game is being developed would be a massive headache, so they will happen once the main story is finished.

What Chris said :)

Currently the game is updated and altered too fast for any official translator to keep up (And we haven't hit a high enough goal on SubscribeStar yet for me to actually hire people).

Once the game reaches its beta stage, then I will hire translators to port the game into multiple different languages. I will also be setting up a channel in the CK Discord where people can post their fan translations (and any fan-translators will be given first offer when the time comes to hire official translators) :)



I found your game, when i didnt knew a lot about adult games out in the internet, but i definetly liked CK a lot. Now, when i played much more other games, i can tell that almost none inpressed me at least as much as yours. Its not perfect, but its better than many others still. And looking at your devlogs, i can tell that the community of this game is one of the best ones. I have read your latest devlogs, and i just want to tell that its sad, that some jerks a bit above bring yoy trouble. But i will always cheer for you. 

Sadly, im unable to support you financially, but i will be one of the crowd that will wish you everything best. Good luck. And, even though a bit late, happy valentine.


Thank you for the kind words, and happy belated Valentines, haha.

Don't worry about being unable to financially support the game! You have to take care of yourself first and foremost. But if you have the chance to point people in the direction of SubscribeStar that would be a huge help! :)

Sorry, I unlocked the manor east wing but forgot who is able to move in... help? 


You will eventually be able to move in some side characters you meet through events. Completely optional characters

thank you

id love it if you would add some more dungeon scenes, with more girls also, i really like the addition, and i think it could be used more

Anyone know how to delete save data?


If you're on Windows, Mac or Linux, just hover over the save file in your "SAVE" or "LOAD" screen and hit the "del" key. If you're on Android then I think long-pressing on the file will bring up the option?

Alternatively you can manually delete them from the following locations:

PC > Local Disk (usually C:) > Users > USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > RenPy > CorruptedKingdoms-1547378918


~/. renpy/CorruptedKingdoms/



Is there an alternative way to support this game financially since Patreon went stupid? Loving this game, though I am rather new to it.




Thanks, champ!

How to conquer the church ? Pls help T__T


You can't just yet, for the reasons indicated when you tried it the first time :P


When are you gonna update the game? Some of the characters story is not completed yet, it's almost boring. Please update soon


it  was updated 3 days ago?


Im so happy the children wont have to be sacrificed


So am I! That would have been heartbreaking...

Deleted 3 days ago

Aún no.

sorry if im being dumb but just started and there is no explore button on the map? pixie says there is a lady wondering around the flat and i should go take a walk and come back; im not sure what to do


You don't get the "explore" option until Act Two. For now, just go to any location and return. If that doesn't work, trying talk to Emma in her room at night :)


Just leave, go to another location, and then come back.  Nowhere specific you have to visit.  Go visit the shops or the bar or the college or the farm, whatever.  You don't have to spend any time, just visit another location and then head back to the flat.  It'll trigger a scene with a new character.

Anyone know when a significant update to the storyline will happen as It doesnt feel like any progress has been made in some time?

Possible spoilers

It's happening incrementally, but we own most or all of the org's areas at this point, so I wouldn't be surprised to see something big happen in the near-ish future.

Hey does anybody know if you can a daughter with veronica and annie because i tried like a lot and only got boys 


I dont think you can it will always be boys


The current system doesn't allow for the randomisation of kids, so you'll always get the same ones. On the plus side, it means that the kids are all canon for the sequels! :)


How much of the early-game has (or will be) changed with updates? Are there changes that would require (or be beneficial) to start the game over?

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well, you'll see lines about the main character's father if you re-play from the beginning.


I try to change as little as possible, because I don't like making people restart. So the vast majority of early-game changes will be done during the beta period :)

Currently, you can see all of the important changed stuff in the first thirty seconds of restarting the game, and that's all you need. I won't put anything else crucial in the early acts until beta.

How to put Julie in Manor?


You have to do the naughty deed with her mom when you meet her for the first time :)

Yes, I know, Renee already lives in Manor but she 's not here

Because you didn't do the thing I just told you to do.

I did, and after Renee invited me again, is there supposed to be another event after that?

Ohh finally new update

I want to delete the game and download it later when its further updated. But i dont wanna start over.  What can i do? Im on android 13

You can try backing up your saves, but Google has made it extraordinarily difficult to do that if you're on Android 11+.

Saves on Android are located in:


So you will need an app that allows you to access the data folder.

So i just copied the saves. So when i want to install it again, do i just paste the previous save files into the 'saves' folder?

Yup, just put them back where you got them from :)

I don't know if this can work but... I had a similar problem with another application that I downloaded from and the easiest option was to download the new version (without uninstalling the application) And from there it tries to install the new application, in my case an update application window appeared, accept and that's it, it simply updated without deleting my progress

Basically download the new application and click install hehe

How to get maximum strength?


You can't get the little green pips (yet) but to max out available slots you have to first help out on the farm and then, when that doesn't increase your stats any more, you have to go exercise in Asteria's demesne :)

how to make Emma leave the room


Keep visiting her room when Claire is speaming to her through the door. Takes a few days of doing it.

Will the children have any sort of narrative importance? (Aside from causing everyone, including the person playing the game, to freak out during act 3)


They're optional, so they can't be integral to the storyline, but they'll have a lot more to do before the game is done :)


Excellent. I must give the baby a firearm

I have version 0.18. I want to update to latest 20.8. How do i do that and not delete my save data


You simply do what you did the first time you downloaded the game :) The saves will auto-transfer for you.

Note that if you're on Android, install the new APK on top of the old one - DO NOT DELETE THE GAME!


Does the game have any M/M or is this strictly M/F?


Mostly M/F (With rare F/F and M/F/F)

In act 3 i try to go to the church for the relic but says i need to conquer more districts the only ones left are the train station and company which theres no option to conquer. Or the all green flagged ones bynthe farm. Is this as far as its updates?


That's as far as the current updates go for now, yes :)

Got it. 

Wasn't sure I keep seeing this other map on websites when I've looked up an answer about this before , Thanks


Ziemlich traurig was Patreon mit deinem Geld macht... wenn diesen Monat was übrig bleibt werde ich dir auf SubscribeStar was da lassen. Das Spiel ist einfach zu gut um sich zu ändern


Danke schön! Ich schätze das sehr! <3


This obviously need more anal and light spanking. Other than that, this is the best game.


Haha, I'll see what I can do ;)

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Wait... is the game staying on Itch? Or no?-

P.S: Pixie stole my cotton candy ice cream...(it's a flavor that tastes like heaven) and all I've been hearing are faint whispers of "More.




Its staying on Itch, but Arcadian is having trouble securing funds to keep doing the project. Not that they cannot survive without it, but it helps out all the same.

Patreon, does not like children(even unsexualized ones) in  games like this so they took down the page, which means income stopped flowing. 

However, the game could still move to Steam so that there is a way to make money Although it looks like that won't HAVE to happen, it still might though. It's a tricky situation that Arcadian is kinda on pins and needles for atm, but for the time being, CK is not leaving Itch and is remaining free.


Im just glad Patreon wasnt able to kill CK. An empty void was bound to form had the little ones had to go. Especially the fairy kid(she is too adorable)


Patreon will take your children over my cold, dead body! CK will continue, especially with so many amazing people making the SubscribeStar Shift!


That's fantastic! You scratched our back by giving us CK in the first place, and now we can scratch yours by allowing you to finish it, your way.


I have an army of toddlers to kick ass with


I'm sure that's not breaking any international laws or anything :P

Nice argument. Small problem: give the magical child a firearm.

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