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Great game! It has an interesting story that gets me to play hours at a time. Not something you'd normally see with most adult only games like this. 11/10 for surprising me!

Also, I was just curious if voice acting is ever a idea for this game.

   Best Wishes, William


Hey, thanks a lot! That's high praise indeed! :)

I have thought about voice acting for CK, but with the amount of dialogue and the cost of VAs I suspect it will have to be something for the next game. Still, you never know!


I'd love to do some voice acting if you need it!
I'm also 8-9 years deep in music production so i'd also be able to help with sound enviroment if needed.

I love the game honestly, it's been keeping me busy for days!
For free of course, i really want to help make this game feel more alive! (Though i gotta say it's hard with those characters, they are more lively than birds!)


Haha, well thank you! I really appreciate the offer, though of course I wouldn't make anyone do all that work for free. If we can remain stable at the current Patreon goal then I might be looking to hire people to help with development quite soon, so stay tuned! :)

That sounds great! If you'd ever need voice actors, paid or otherwise, I'd audition for sure! Can'r wait to see what this game and your future games have in store!

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So I started this game a week ago. thinking that would be just another date game with a "weak" or "ok" story and full focus on nsfw features. A game that would play 1 hour and never open again.

And man, was I so wrong.

For the first 30 minutes, I was thinking like "oh, this story is pretty cool to be honest".

but the more I play, the more I'm surprised by the character development and the story.

Yesterday I was almost crying while reading Ami's diary. (When I found out she was "alive", I was so mad at you, man haha) and I'm far from being a person who cries easily.

Every single character it's so well developed, so unique and human. So likeble, Loveble i should say. Except by morgana, it's hard to not hate her(in a good way. Like, she is a very good "villain")

The way that the story flows it's so good passed, I'm was not the biggest fan of long dialogues. And so far I haven't felt bored or lazy at all, not even close. I played for hours straight and i enjoyed each line of dialogue until now and i know this will not change.

I'm really immersed in history and lore. And I hope it takes a long time to come to an end. 

Sometimes i'm just so into the narrative  that i forget about the nsfw features. I was so worried about pixie in the organization lab, man.

So, now that i already thanked you by your wonderful work. I have some questions

Do you think about putting more character cards? Like for Renee and her daughter, or the members of Morgana's staff for exemple.

is there any way in the game to get hints of all the paths to be explored on the outskirts and the montains?

In Veronica's quest, I'm in that "use power" on the girls at the class. None of my powers work right now. That's not accessible in this version of the game or there is a way to get this power right now?  if that's the case, any tips on how and where i get this power? 

I spent some time trying to get out in that cave in Luna demesne. I tried a bunch of different directions but didn't get anywhere. Any hints to what direction i should choose?

And the last and most important question is... can i have a pixie in real life? Hahah

Sorry by this enormous text, i hope that doesn't bother you. Keep doing this amazing job man. That's a game that I'm enjoying  a lot and will never forget about

Hey, thanks for the in-depth review! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much (despite wanting to kill me over the Ami thing, haha) and I appreciate the kind words :)

As to your questions:

1. By the time the game is finished, all the character cards for every single character will have been added to the card pool. I usually release another three or four every month

2. The game will automatically teleport you to 95% of the available "Explore" scenes even if you get the directions wrong, and the ones it doesn't teleport you to it'll give text hints for if you hit an "empty" node. There will also be maps to certain "hidden" locations which you'll be able to buy from the Mysterious Merchant (but those locations, and the maps, aren't in the game yet)

3. You need the "AURA" power, which you can get by learning Magic from Lyx (the Goblin Witch you meet when exploring the Outskirts)

4. Buy matches from the General Store and light the candle. Then follow the direction of the flickering flame. It's a large maze (there are secrets to be found in it too) so it takes about 14 steps to reach the end if I remember correctly.

5. Trust me, you don't want a real-life Pixie. The cost in ice cream alone..! ;)

Hope all that helps! But if you need clarification, or have any other questions, feel free to ask! I'm always happy to answer :)

I played for the fap, now I play for the sad. What a roller coacter of emotions. But honestly that's a very good game and I can't wait for futur updates.

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Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the game and I hope you have fun with all the updates to come! :)

I wish this had at least clap sound effect.

Well you type "clap.ogg" and I'll imagine it! ;)

Hi ! It's a really good game ^^ you made a excellent work and i can't wait for the next update ! But i have a question about Lily , it is not yet possible to  impregnating  her ? Because she is level 4 in love and i don't have a child with her

even if I wait several days, there is no change :( 
Am I doing it wrong or is it a waste of time now?

Thanks, I'm glad you're having fun with the game!

As for Lily, she may already be pregnant - when pregnant it takes around four days for the belly to show and a week until they give birth.

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When will you be continuing Quarina? Also I sent my kid with Kana to Artifact but Kana can't get preg again. plz help.

Qarinah's next event will hopefully be in this week's update, so fingers crossed! As for Kana, she may actually already be pregnant again or you might have a not-yet-grown baby with her in the day care.

i dont no where are the burning building i have to investigate to advance with roxy affection

Select the "Explore" icon on the Town Map, and keep exploring until you don't find anything, then pay attention to the text hints that you're given - they'll point the way to the burning building.

i see the hint but where is the noisy place and the dustbin i check every icon and the apartement in fire but that not it  Help plz

Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "noisy place" or "dustbin" - neither of those are in CK. To advance Roxy's storyline all you need is the AURA power and then to explore the burning building. I think it's the first floor you need to check.

oh my bad it Nyx the charcter that i find in explore zone and she said some line like s there magic to do or something like that sorry :


Upon finding this game I thought it would be one of those mind break vengeance games with no real story and bland characters. However after playing for a bit, I couldn't help but adore Pixie, Kana, Emma,  and many other characters (except Morgana, she evil) (>_<). Pixie is a great companion and All the characters feel so wonderfully human (or... Fey), Each having their own happy/ tragic story which really brings then to life. I can't wait to see what else the devs have in store.

Gameplay wise, everything seems to be functioning well. The traveling mechanics, both world map and indoor travel seem easy to use once you get the hang of it. Though it would be nice if all the places you discovered while exploring were easier to access once you found them, but since most don't really have any main game significance it's probably not necessary. Cutscenes ran smoothly, as well as the animation. (Did have one crash but that solved.)  They were well done and enjoyable. As well as the dialouge.

Can't wait for the next update. This game is great and so are the devs.


No devs, plural - just me, I'm afraid! But thank you for the detailed review, and I'm glad you like the game! I update weekly (though I advise waiting a few weeks between each update so you get more content) so I hope you enjoy what's coming :)


Ah sorry, knowing the game was made by an individual makes even more impressive . Hope it's not to stressful to work on. Anyways, good luck and I hope you enjoy the support and praise you're receiving from the amazing game you made.


It's stressful, but I wouldn't trade what I do for anything :) I love making CK, and players like you make even the stressful times totally worth it!

I'm just waiting so much for the update that we get to absolutely destroy morgana I don't hate her but she deserves this much. also very great game to apply to a wide variety of audience amazing job. excited to see what games you make in the future!


Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the game so much :) Morgana is a faction leader so it's going to take some time before you can give her what she deserves, but it's all planned out so I hope it satisfies!

i cant open the game ;(

Are you trying to open it via the launcher? That sometimes doesn't work, unfortunately. Double-clicking the .exe in the folder you extracted the game to will start it up no problem though :


I like the game because of every week update I can wait for the next one

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Hope you like what's coming up! :

can u tell me what is the direction to the hat (the witch goblin)



and after that what should i do

Check the hat in your inventory

Great Game! i was interested in the day care side of things but when i tried an impregnation route (i used kana) it said something is preventing this girl from becoming pregnant even when i had impregnation on, is this not a feature yet or? thanks!

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

There's a few things that could be preventing you from impregnating Kana:

1.  She's not love level 4 yet

2. She's already pregnant (they don't start showing until three or four days after initial impregnation)

3. You already have a kid with Kana in the day care

Hope that helps! :)

Hello can someone help me with the part of cloes story where i have to explore the outskirts i think i tried everthying but nothings happens

Have you met the Goblin Witch while exploring the outskirts yet? If not, click Explore and keep entering random directions until you don't get a scene, then pay attention to the text clues the game gives you - they'll indicate the direction you need to go to find her. After that, keep following the Goblin Witch's storyline until she tells you her name. Then you can talk to Chloe in her room in the morning and continue her storyline.

Oh, and it sounds obvious, but sometimes people get confused - make sure you're exploring the map with the farm on it, and not the Town or the Mountains :)

Hope that helps!

I had a question: is gwen's yandere mode is Going to be a problem later on in the game?

If you're asking if it'll lead to a bad ending, or certain characters/scenes being killed or locked out then no, you don't need to worry about it :) 

First of all, I really like this game, it's not all the time that the scenario as this mutch attention and work on it so GJ for that. There is character for everyone to like, me it's Chloe and Lily (love tomboy). The exploration system could have more possibilities but i guess this is just a matter of time for it to get improve. The bigest thing I could say agains the game is that even with the lead systeme it's sometime very hard to progress. So overall, can't wait to see where to story is going  (even if i have some idea). For now it's a good 8/10.

p.s: i don't find how to invite girl to stay at the manor even with the upgrade.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game! And yes, the Explore option will have more content added over time and I'm constantly trying to make the leads and hints more helpful, so fingers crossed that solves any issues you're having in time.

Currently you can only invite four girls to stay in the manor - the house ladies from Jessica's storyline. Once you've done that event, and the girl's followup event, you can talk to Jessica in the kitchen and get her to invite them to stay in the manor.

i don't know if this is already being pointed out or not, but i noticed that some of the background art, especially the witch cottage and bathroom art looks really similar to hero's harem guild

is the art an open source or this game has connection to hero's harem guild in some way?

i like this game, so i hope this wouldn't be an issue once it is finished


HHG and many other games use Koikatsu to make their visuals, from character models to backgrounds.
There's a lot of assets in there made by a larger community that are free to use and because of that you'll see a lot of developers using the same assets to convey totally different stories.

Also random fact.
CK came out first, it has been in development for 2 years now but it was only published to a few days ago.

Yup, what Cursed said! :) Loads of games use Koikatsu to create their scenes these days so these art assets aren't an uncommon sight, although it was certainly much rarer when CK was first released over two years ago.

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Does anyone know any games similar to this one or heros harem guild, because I like playing games like this one or games similar to maid mansion. And I've been really bored at home over summer break and need new games. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Harem Hotel is basically the reigning king of this sort of game - well worth a look if you haven't already played it. Summertime Saga is also well-regarded by most and features entirely hand-drawn characters. Mythic Manor is another excellent choice, with a more curated cast of personality-rich characters. Honestly, there's hundreds I could name - the indie erogame scene is really booming at the moment! :)

Thanks for the recommendations I will definitely be checking them out. :)

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Are we finished with Morgan's maid story at the moment? I got to the point of going to their room and now nothing (don't wanna spoil anything)

If you look at your leads, you'll see that some of them say "no more content in this version" at the bottom. A continuation of that particular storyline will actually be in the next update (Sunday for Patrons/Subs, Wednesday for everyone else) :)

I think there's a slight issue with the leads then, because when I originally started the maid investigation event the leads said there was no more content in this version, same for Roxy until I started to do more of the events with her.

Roxy doesn't have any leads - she only has hints in the heart menu card. As for the other leads, I've checked my code and I can't find any misplaced "no more content in this version" text, so if you can tell me which leads specifically were showing that (which then let you continue) I'd appreciate it.

This is a quality game, thanks for the work.

Dumb me just still trying to unlock last Chloe outfit

If I'm not mistaken, that outfit is unlocked when you go talk to Chloe during a weekend, not sure if morning or afternoon.
You need to have progressed with both Chloe and Jessica.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

And you're not dumb at all - that's actually Chloe's special hallowe'en costume, and it's one of the "hidden" events in the game :) To trigger it you have to have done Chloe's "transformation" event (with the assassin), Jessica has to be love level 3 or higher and it has to be the weekend. Then go to Chloe's room in the morning and you'll get the special event and unlock the costume.

Hope that helps!

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How about Veronica's character progress? stuck in class and couldn't use power at all, because it stuck with Madison's character's progress.

Edit: sorry bad English, because i am Asian.

Are you following the hints in the characters' heart menu cards? (Click on the heart icon in the top right and then on the character - the hint section is in the bottom right). You might need to progress Madison in order to unlock Veronica's next stage (or vice-versa)

Having trouble progressing with Veronica/Madison. I examined the disk with the laptop, yet the clue hasn't changed since then. Do I just wait some time or am I supposed to go somewhere?

After examining the data disc (and then watching the news report that's part of the same event) Madison and Veronica's hints (on their Heart Cards) should have updated to tell you to go and speak to them at the Mansion during the day.

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Figured out the issue.
Apparently I'd progressed some of Kana's storyline, so after the laptop scene, it immediately shifted to progressing the next part of Kana's story rather than the next scene for Veronica/Madison's. Which basically left Veronica/Madison's storyline effectively broken.

The two storylines are completely separate, and the code for the data disc event doesn't reference Kana's events in any way whatsoever, so that should be impossible. If you send me your latest save file via the CK Discord's #help channel I can look at the variables and fix what's broken.

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Unfortunately I've already since saved over the save file in question after loading up and trying again with an older save.
If it helps though, the Kana event in question was the one where you're woken up and told that she's gone missing (her heat event). Best I can guess, the disk part ended and allowed the Kana event to activate instead of immediately going to the TV part.
Sorry I couldn't be of better help. Didn't think to keep the save.

Ahhh, that would actually make sense! Thanks for the details - it allowed me to track down the issue and fix it. No more broken data disc quest from the next update on! I appreciate the bug report, thank you :)

So ive not even finished this game yet, and i got to say, this is so well done, honestly ive played a lot of VNs but this one has a charm to it that others lack,  the charters are so well written and designed so well. The story (what ive played of it) has been amazing im not even that far into the game but already i can honestly say this one is a must play for anyone looking for a VN that has had the work put into it, great job creator keep up the amazing work and i look forward to more content 

Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words! I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game! :)

yes finally the favorite cowgirl, thanks for your hard work 

And thank you for playing!

Deleted 89 days ago

It's a bit hard to find porn music that's actually good if I'm honest.

Foot stuff might be added as far as I'm aware, but since it isn't that popular in the polls it isn't a priority.

Powers, yes. We have a goblin witch for that.

We still have some important properties we don't own yet, but I reckon it would be nice to own a few residential buildings and rent them out, for extra money or for a different sort of payment.

I didn't quite get what you meant in with "the scene selection seems to change mid way such as asking pixie for a kiss changing to a more layered selection by the end."

I believe what they meant by the scene selection change is how it works in act 1 as opposed to act 2. In act 1, when you ask someone to be naughty, it shows all options but the ones that aren't unlocked basically just say can't do it yet.

When act 2 comes around, when you ask to be naughty it will only show what you can do.

There's a number of small things like that when you go from act 1 to act 2. Mostly just things like how menus are laid out and such.

Ah, that makes sense.
Well, I'm not Arc but if I had to guess those were leftover.

I mean, the game has been in development for 2 years (not counting the time spent before the first public release).
And considering it's just one guy working on it, it wouldn't surprise me if he changed his mind about some stuff along the way.
Perhaps in the initial concept Control was going to be the one and only power, and each level would unlock more interactions as you keep progressing (sort of like Lily).

Some of the early stuff needs a bit of a polish if I'm honest, there's a certain dissonance between act 1 and act 2. 
Or early act 2 and current act 2 for that matter.

It's just that, with thousands of folks waiting for new content each week, a "polishing update" might not be the best idea just yet.

Oh no no, I'm not saying it has to be fixed now or anything! I adore the game. I was more just pointing it out, I would never demand such a thing. I know how hard it can be to make something like this with a small team, let alone just yourself.


I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope the next update (every week - Sundays for Patrons/Subs and Wednesday for everyone else) proves fun as well!

Cursed has basically covered everything, but just so it's official... ;)

Yeah, I'd love to hire a composer instead of using royalty-free music (themed songs for each of the girls with an over-arching leitmotif!) but unfortunately I can't QUITE afford that just yet. In time, though, who knows?

I host polls on Patreon and Subscribestar where people can vote on what they want to see in the game. Unfortunately foot stuff always seems to come in at the bottom, but that doesn't mean that it won't appear - just that it's not a current priority.

More powers and more properties definitely planned!

And don't worry, it didn't come off as overly-critical. I love receiving feedback both positive and negative - otherwise how would I learn, and grow, and make CK even better? So thank you :)

I haven't finished the game yet but I'll tell my views,both the good and the bad.

First things first,fabulous game. The animation is extremely sick,I am genuinely impressed by how much work you put in it. The story seems good too and the characters have good design.

As for the bad part,its not really that bad. I might as well be minority here but I'll state my views regardless. The music that plays during an h-scene is extremely cringey and off putting. Again,this isn't a big issue,you can totally ignore it because I doubt many people are bothered by it but it is what it is. I mute my game everytime that music starts I just can't stand how cringe it is.

So,the only problem I had isn't even that big of a deal,the game is great regardless.

Haha, well I'm glad you're enjoying the game despite disliking the h-scene music. I hope you have fun with the rest of the content, too :)

Only just finished 10.2, and I've enjoyed this game so much. Now I come here and find out that not only do you do weekly updates, but you also release a new update. This has been an amazing game to play from characters to the game design, honestly incredible. *spoiler alert/bug report?* The Succubus lead has been in the menu since you first get taken by the organization, and it just says to wait even though I've done every other lead/character event in the game and it's been 170+ days in-game.


Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and thanks for the kind words!

The succubus lead should have been deleted along with the other leads once you learn about the kidnap plot - I even have a safeguard for it in place as there used to be an issue with skipping failing to delete it. No idea why it's back, but if you post your latest save file in the #help channel on the CK Discord server ( I can edit it out for you :)

I have discord and everything, but I don't know how to grab a save file


The details on where to find saves and such are all pinned in the #help channel, under "FAQ:" but just for simplicity I'll copy the relevant part here. Not sure which OS you're on, so I'll just list them all!


PC > Local Disk (usually C:) > Users > USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > RenPy > CorruptedKingdoms-1547378918

~/. renpy/CorruptedKingdoms/


Hope that helps! :)

Loving the game any updates coming soon, i kinda did just about everything lol?


Update was just released this minute! :) New updates every week (Sunday for Patrons/Subs and Wednesday for everyone else!)


i dont know what im supposed to do after finding out that clarity is related to the beast, i've been wandering around trying everything for 20 minutes and can't seem to do anything else aside from working at the bar and going to the festival with kana, please help.

(1 edit)

Your leads should tell you what to do next (the icon of the envelope in the top-right of your screen). Follow their advice, and if you're stuck then talking to Pixie in your flat might help as well. Let me know if none of that helps!

(1 edit) (+1)

Both the chastity and and succubus lead tell me to wait, i've skipped till day 20, and nothing happened (i just worked in the bar in the meantime). About Pixie's "i keep seeing this lady hanging outside the flat during the day" i went outside and went back in the flat, nothing happened. I also went outside, skipped time and went back in the flat to no avail. im at day 40 now, still nothing from chastity and the succubus.

Have you checked on Emma in the evening at her room? And when leaving the flat you have to go to a separate location and return - exiting to the map and then clicking on the flat again won't work. Hopefully one of those two solutions fixes your issue

I followed your instructions and all my problems have been solved, thanks! i love this game, amazing story too! :D

Hey, I'm glad it worked for you! :) And that you're enjoying the game, too. I appreciate it!

What fetishes are there in this game?


Honestly, too many for me to remember off the top of my head... but just as a quick "what I can remember right now" list, CK contains:  vaginal, oral, anal, handjob, blowjob, pregnancy, twins, ahegao, bdsm, netori (MC steals another guy's girl - NOT the other way around!), corruption, cosplay, creampies, exhibitionism, harem, lactation, threesomes (mff), milfs, mind control, monster girls, spanking and voyeurism.

And almost certainly a few more I'm forgetting right now, too. Hope that helps! :)

I know this game for a long time now but it never show up on itch 

Yeah, it took me way longer than it should have to upload here :P Glad you've stuck with the game for so long, though - thanks!

Back to the start again 

btw about choosing to be good or bad will it lead to diffrent ending or not ?

Each decision is mostly self-contained - you can choose to be a jerk to one person, but kind to another, without locking yourself into a particular route or ending. However, certain decisions will have permanent effects and those will affect Act Three and the epilogue. These decisions are very obvious, though, so you should always get the kind of ending you're aiming for :)

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Cool and i see some(or most) of the girl has been rework  

i really love it :)

Are you enjoying making this game? Also love it that its nearly a gig now im gonna spend the 4 hours playing this game lol

Yes, I very much enjoy working on CK - and I'm extremely grateful to all the amazing people that let me do this for a living! Hope you have fun with the game!

ty man and i wish u good luck on ur journey!


Quality of this game is insane!One of my favourites alongside Harem hotel, Hero harem's guild and etc


Thanks! I'm happy you're enjoying it - and comparisons to HH and HHG are high praise indeed! They're both excellent games :)


it's nice to finally see this on

It's been a long time coming, that's for sure!

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Got the game yesterday and I love it so far! Even "wasted" my whole monday on it. In fact, i created my Account just to write this review.

I hope for more content with chastity and ofc like the MC can't wait to shatter Morgana and awaken Chloe :>

And what's up with the "you feel something is preventing X from getting Pregnant"? Is that like a bug or feature?

Keep the good work up bro :)

Edit: I had unlocked Madisons "spicy" lace underwear, but when going to her Mansion I can only use the normal or naked clothing option?

Hey, I'm happy you're having fun the game! :)

The "you feel like something is preventing..." message indicates that you're missing a requirement. It could be that the girl isn't love level 4, or that they're already pregnant, or that you already have a kid with them currently in the day care.

Clothing options for "let's be naughty" scenes are added in as I find the time, but they'll all be added sooner or later! I update weekly, and it's just me developing CK, so I have to prioritize my time pretty strictly :)


I played this game from the very first day of its release. All until the update like 5.0 or something I couldn't remember, the update that did the character redesign, From that very moment I just decide to quit the game cause I felt no attraction from the new characters, they looked plain and boring. The only reason why I even played this game in the first place because I was interested in the stories and mainly the characters. Now, what I enjoyed the most is gone, I got no reason to continue playing anymore.

I dunno if this is's fault but I cant launch it from the actual launcher i have to manually open it in file explorer otherwise its a good game :)

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I'm glad you're enjoying the game :) EDIT: Spoke to another user and he says the launcher's working for him so I'm not sure why it isn't for you. I'll take a look and see if I can pin down the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Loving this game so far! No issues with installation on android but how do you use the explore function in this game?

I'm glad you're enjoying it! :) When you explore you enter three directions one after the other. If you hit a "blank" node then the game will automatically take you to an event you haven't yet seen and record the "correct" directions for you to "remember" later. There are, however, one or two hidden scenes that can only be found by hitting a blank node (after you've seen all the automatic scenes) and paying attention to the text clues, then entering the directions hinted at in the clue. Hope that helps!

(1 edit)

Umm i mean i cant even access  the explore function in the first place. Like i dont see any explore icon

It should appear as an icon in the map.
Although it only appears on act 2.

For reference, Act 1 is on the flat, Act 2 you move to the manor.


Haha omg thx

Cant download the apk file (-_-)

Hmm, that's strange... have you tried downloading from the latest public update on Patreon or Subscribestar? (Linked on main page) They're the same as the version found here.


I am absolutely loving this game. I've been playing all day. Good job.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

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