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Is my computer fucked or is the latest update broken? It shows the text but not the images.

It's your computer, I'm afraid. Couple of options:

1.  Turn your computer off an on again. Sounds stupid, I know, but it solves 90% of reported issues.

2.  Might be a headphone thing, weirdly. If you have headphones, try running the game with headphones plugged in and headphones unplugged. One of those might work.

Lastly, something screwy may be going on with your GPU so you can try changing the renderer. You can do this by:

  1. Holding down Shift while starting Ren'Py, or pressing Shift+G once Ren'Py has started.
  2. From the "Graphics Acceleration" menu that appears, choose the renderer to use.
  3. Choose "Quit", then restart Ren'Py.

Hope that helps!

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How do I get Pixie's last outfit?

Answered below, but I'll copy-paste here :)

Pixie's last outfit:  apply all the Hallowe'en decorations to your room (bed, jack o lantern and witch poster) and then sleep. Might take a couple of nights to trigger :)


Do I have to put them up again because it doesn't look like it's working even after getting the dungeon oh wait do I have to talk to Cloe 1st?

For Pixie you don't need the dungeon, just put up the decorations and sleep a few nights.

For Gwen and Jessica you need the dungeon, check at night with the decorations on.

Chloe has a costume but it's not really halloween related. 
You just check her room on a weekend after progressing her and Jessica's stories a little.

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I can't buy the upgrades of the bar and i don't know how to unlock it wich is not cool because it lock my advancement in the adventure

You buy upgrades in the same way as you buy any property - go to Jessica's office on a weekday afternoon, select the property listings, make sure you've bought the property and then buy the upgrade.

how do i cowgirl emma. whenever i try i failed. is there something to do? 

You can't at the moment no matter your strength or magic you'll probably have to wait until act 3 comes out which is why I'm assuming I can't figure out how to get pixie's last outfit but I'm sure it's doable right now unlike the Emma thing

all this time was a joke and i have been trying from about 6 private updates to do that😂😂😂. always thinking what it feels to f*ck a mountain 🤣



Emma Cowgirl is basically a joke option. You're trying to get a mountain to ride you ;)

Pixie's last outfit:  apply all the Hallowe'en decorations to your room (bed, jack o lantern and witch poster) and then sleep. Might take a couple of nights to trigger :)

so I'm guessing it's never not going to just be a joke huh?

Well the joke is good if you're not actually trying to get her to do it without dying

I already know how many fans are slightly disappointed by it only being a joke mostly because they don't get it

I didn't get it until you said something and I will admit it was pretty funny the 1st time I tried


Found this game on a forum, and thought it would be a fun, if forgettable experience. Little did I realize I was walking into one of the best damn visual novels I've ever played. 10/10, will be following development for the foreseeable future

Aww, thank you! That really means a lot to hear :) I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and I hope you continue to enjoy everything I have planned for the future!

does any know hot increase magic how is the witch 

You can find the witch by clicking on "EXPLORE" in the Outskirts map (the one with the farm) and, once you find an "empty" area (no events) just pay attention to the text hints :)

dose chloe have anymore fey forms of is it only bimbo and assasin?


Not sure if she will get more forms any time soon.
Probably not


Is there anything that happens with the silent student after maxing the collage


No, she'll be important in the act 3 content for the college.

Same as the sword girl.

Well, now I'm interested in act 3, I was for some reason interested in her

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This has to be my second favourite hentai game so far, huge thanks to the developers for bringing us mere mortals such a gaming experience.

Better than morbius, would recommend if I had friends

Developer singular, I'm afraid, but thank you! That really means a lot to hear :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to morb all over the next update.

thats even more spectacular if you are the only one.

PS: please put a morbius or amongus reference in the next update if you can

PPS: and maybe also a potato because you can never have enough potatoes.

PPPS: im sorry if i seem rude i just love potatoes


This is still my favorite +18 H game, and of course I'll be checking every week here, regardless if it's major or normal updates. Take your time, Arc. 

Thanks Cursed Flames too for helping Arc and the community.

Aww, thanks! Hopefully the next major update is only a couple of weeks away! :)

And yes, huge thanks to CursedFlame91 for all the amazing help he's given me and the community - and a big thank you to the community, too, for being so awesome! That includes you ;)


is been awhile since i played this, still as good as it is, just abit confused to know what im doing like so much is new here 🤯😵🥴

I'm glad you're still enjoying it! Hopefully you can navigate all the new content okay ;)


Question: How come you can't get anyone to dress up into different outfits in Act 2?

(Good game btw, keep up the good work)


Arc was experimenting in act 1, so some things don't carry over into act 2.

One of them is the outfits system, now it only affects sex scenes or specific scenarios.

Turns out it would be quite wonky to have the girls be like "Hang on, lemme change" every time you do a story event with them.

And making outfit alts for the events would be a headache, since this is not rendered in real time.


Very good game!

The scenario is not so bad, I liked it a lot! Can't wait for the next maj!

(It would be an honor to translate this game in french, I invite the creator to contact me on discord here --> Gizmauve / Maxime#4744)

Hey, thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you're enjoying the game :)

I will eventually be hiring people to translate the game into multiple languages, but only when it's out of alpha and nearly complete. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements sometime next year, and I hope you apply!

It's a good thing!

I'm working on a project called "TradGames" which consists in translating games mainly in English into French. (For free at the beginning of the project).

It's perfect if you plan to translate your game into other languages!

I sent you an invitation on discord in case you want to tell me when the day will come... 

And if you have any questions...

Have a nice day or evening !

Please, let us fuck with ard (accidentally or not)

I just think it'll be funny mostly


You kinda can already if you invite Hana to spend the night with you and the random roll goes a certain way... ;)

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Let's go! I didn't get it the first few times so I thought there wasn't anything, but I'm glad I was wrong. Thank you so much :)











How do I recover lost saves? After the most recent update I appear to have lost all of my saves and I am not sure where to check to recover them. 

The only way to lose saves is to either manually delete them from both storage locations on PC, Mac or Linux, or delete the game if you're on Android (the game/SDK literally doesn't have the functions to do it itself). In these cases you can't recover them, sadly.

In case you want to check, the saves are located at:

ANDROID: Android/data/com.domain.corruptedkingdoms/saves

PC:  PC > Local Disk (usually C:) > Users > USERNAME > AppData > Roaming > RenPy > CorruptedKingdoms-1547378918

LINUX:  ~/. renpy/CorruptedKingdoms/

MAC:  ~/Library/RenPy/CorruptedKingdoms

For some reason, I can"t find anything in my PC called AppData. Is it possible that running the game from the app has caused it to be somewhere else or some other unforeseen problem?  I am sorry for any headache I am/ may cause.

AppData is usually hidden

Go to your search bar, type in %appdata% and hit enter, that should get you to the right place

I can see my saves in the appdata, but not in the game.

How do I update the game on mobile, do I have to delete the old version and install the new one? Will it use my save file or I have to start again? Great game btw


No, don't delete the old version.

And since this game can't really get in any appstore, you have to update it the hard way.

Which is, download the apk of the new version and install it on top (as an update for) the old one.

NEVER, uninstall the game, you lose your savegames that way.

You can backup them if you have a good file manager that can go to


Solid Explorer is recommended.

rar for android dpes the trick as well

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Also, I think pixie wants my ice cream again...NOT THAT ICE CREAM YOU PERV
Edit: When we gonna help 'lady of the lake' with the marina area, that poor lady all alone, it may be a game but its still sad when you understand loneliness 


The theme song is an absolute banger, for sure. Make sure to support the artist!

Lady of the Lake will be getting her Marina visit event very soon. It's one of the few remaining side content events I need to do before we can (finally!) move on to Act Three :)

How do i get get Gwen's 5th outfit and Chloe's 6th one


If I'm counting right, those are their swimsuits.

Take them to a beach date to unlock.

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Thank you

Great game so far, i think i saw almost everything, but i have one question:

Are there Sxx-scenes with Maven? If yes, how do I get there?


No, not yet at least.

Will probably happen in act 3, Kana will probably have some more story by then and it will likely include meeting more members of her clan.


What Cursed said :) Maven is a small presence in Act Two, but will become a much larger one in Act Three. And yes, sex scenes with her are definitely planned!

I can't get the Nexus crystal that runs straight to the manor. Did something change in an update or something?


It's part of the main story. 
The Eldritch part of the main story.

If you don't have the leads check if you missed a step.

Gramps' invitation

  * Check the manor's garden

  * Take a train to Gramps' home.

Training begins

  * Talk with Gramps

  * Do martial training (all 4 levels)

Lost bird

  * Talk with Gramps

  * Go to the lake and search for the missing pigeon.

    * NOTE: Check at least three times.

Main story begins

  * Deliver the pigeon's message to Gramps

  * Ask him questions.

  * Now you should have the leads unlocked, follow them to continue the main story.


This game is amazing, 

I downloaded it for the Lewdness and hornyness, But stayed for the storytelling and obviously the "PLOT".  This is one of the first "hentai" types of games or whatever the genre it's called, And I must say it's one of the best I've played so far (Hentai speaking of course) . I managed to Complete the latest Update, with all the Side stories completed and I will Stay for the Main One. 

I do have Something that I do hope they include, And that's maybe like an Auto Reader type of thing, Where the Text continues after a few seconds of it being up. It would really help with the "Plot related Scenes" (As I like to read what they say). 

Also, it would be kinda cool to have like at the end of the game or on the computer if you wanna cheat, To be able to use the "Shatter" or "Awaken" Power on any Of the girls just to see what they do or how they will change or something like that. 

Other than that a Solid 9/10 Storytelling and "Plot" Type of game would play again.


The auto-scroll text is a native thing on RenPy.
But you have to activate the quickmenu to access it. 
It's turned off by default in preferences.

Someone asked a few days ago if Arc could add a way to switch Awaken and Shatter.
In terms of the game itself, no.
Not sure about a laptop cheat... But then people would start asking for switches on every major choice and that pretty much ends up making the choices feel even more pointless than they already are.

I'unno, up to Arc to give a more in-depth reply.


Hey, thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you're enjoying the game! :)

For the autoscroll, as Cursed says, you can activate it by turning on the quick menu in preferences and then clicking "auto".

For switching between Awaken/Shatter, even as an end-of-game laptop cheat, I doubt it'd be possible, I'm afraid. I'm a solo dev, and creating that many branching switches, dialogues, renders and so on would be an astronomical amount of work. I'd quite like to finish CK at some point before I die, so I can move on to the sequels and other games ;)


I can't play the game in my Android. I download it twice. Install it. And it say app not installed 😭😭😭

Im using os 9

The way Android works you usually need between two to three times as much storage space as the game requires to install it, so it may be a storage issue! Make sure you have at least 6GB free and see if that works :)

okay I'm need to cleanup the storage indeed hihi. Thank you. I'll catch up soon as it working


Omg...thank you im playing it right now 😍😍

Cant wait the update for the whole game. 🥰


Dose giving pixie the cocksleeve quirk actually do anything?


I think its only really if your into that Super Small girls Fetish


Most quirks don't do much.

They're achievements if anything.

There was also a concept for them being a type of "content gatekeep".
Like, having that quirk would unlock more scenes like it, but right now there's nothing.


So only gwens got extra content if you unlock her quirk so far and the rest are achivments

How do I unlock more of the costumes? Is there more unlocked the farther in the story you get? Cause I only need one or two more for a couple characters


Costumes are unlocked in certain events where the characters are using them, some are more hidden.

You're going to have to be more specific if you want info on them

How do I updated games on here? 


On android, download the apk again and install it as an update.

On Windows/Mac/Linux you also have to download the entire game again.
But you have the option of using the launcher to download the game and it will update it in a manner similar to other game launchers like Steam and Epic.

Pls help Hi i have 2 questions 

first how do I get the last heart for Jessica?

And where can I find jackie ?


How you find Jackie is explained in the Weekly Update: v0.15.9.

Just go to "Explore" on the city map and go West > North > West.

The last Heart for Jessica... I actually don't know anymore. Usually you get hints how to continue in the Heart-screen. If not, it might not be finished yet. But i am not sure.

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why cant i upgrade farm?


You need to progress with Annie.

But if you already have the farm purchased, check the property listing again in Jessica's office. There you get the upgrades.

How do I get Jesicca's third costume and how do I know what each perk do to girls. It might already told it but I probably forgot or something.


You're more likely to get an answer on the discord server.

Aside from random community members.
I do a couple of rounds a day, Arc does one at a certain hour.

Anywho, third outfit.
Pretty sure that's her swimsuit, if taking her on a beach date doesn't unlock it then try talking to her in the pool when she's there (I think she's there on weekends)



I really want to play this game but I can't because it just closes it self everytime after a few seconds, can someone help

on android?

Are you playing on android, windows or mac.


Try force stop and clear cache then run the game again.

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This is an amazing game. Join for the lood, stay for the plot.

The early part can feel cheesy and rough on the edges but midgame it starts to pick up. The story is nicely spaced, the world-build well explained and the characters are quite different and they have development, seriously.

I have yet to finish the different leaders arcs but so far Asteria is my favorite. Succubus feels like there is a lot of potential and huh... I'm not really interested in Roxy so she's going to be last.

Thought I was fascinated with Luna's and her kingdom story, I am kinda disappointed in the current conclusion. Without spoiler, it felt like a forced bad ending upon a character that already had a hectic backstory. And we're given very little choices other than to act as she was fully evil. The story isn't finished yet and hopefully there will be a different turn available.

Overrall, it's quite a complete game and enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend it and I'm going to join their patreon, they truly deserves any form of support!

I agree about Luna. It would be better if we were able to help her like Asteria but considering that she is a dominant woman, it is probably hard to convince her.


I'm glad you liked the game! Thanks for the kind words, and for the support! :)

And thank you for the constructive criticism, too - it's all valuable, and one of the reasons I decided on a weekly update schedule (so I could get feedback and implement needed changes quickly).

The story of Luna's Empire isn't finished yet - as hinted with both the Nuli event and Luna's kid, if you have pregnancy active. She made a lot of bad decisions, sadly, and it's not something she can just wipe away with a gesture. The Empire is dying. Can it be saved? Can Luna be saved? Let's find out!

Can you link some guide of the game about things that don't appear in the card or leads?

There's the wiki, which you can access by clicking on the appropriate button on the main screen. It's updated by players, though, so it's likely very out of date right now. The Discord server also has helpful pinned topics by various players, and the people there will be happy to share the things they've found.

Aside from that, no, there's no official walkthrough or guide, which is deliberate. The game is about exploring and uncovering new things naturally. Detailed guides and in-game walkthroughs just turn the game into a kinetic novel with extra steps :)

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I just switched to a iPhone and it’s kinda confusing, how do I download the game 

There's... no iPhone version...

You can't (normally) sideload apps and this game would never get on the appstore.

So no dev would even bother to try to make a iOS version.

Besides, Android is already enough of a pain in the ass to deal with.

It works on MacOS, but that's it.
I don't know if there's a way to play it on iPhone, but there are not any official methods.

ah that's a bummer, ill just use my old phone ty btw


As Cursed said, unfortunately.

Apple is a closed system, unlike Android which is open source. What this means is that you can install basically anything on an Android, but on iOS you can only install what Apple wants you to. And Apple doesn't want my naughty game anywhere near their sleek little image ;)

In short, buy Android. Apple sucks (come at me, nerds!)

Autosave feature would be pretty neat. My screen turned off for half a second and the game crashed causing me to start over. D:


I think the game autosave everytime you sleep. Go to load and go to "A" page


Pretty much, since the MC's bedroom is a "safe location" in terms of saving and keeping the save working in the future.

It will only autosave while sleeping.

That and leaving it on by default made the game lag quite a bit from what I heard.

Does going to H-scene or doing the girl's quest at night not autosave the game?


It should save every time the day changes.
Which usually means going to sleep.

(1 edit)

Ty all for your reply. I'm saving often now. Just had to realize that I can save literally any time I want. XD

As the others have mentioned, the game already has an autosave feature - it autosaves every time you sleep. You can find it in the "LOAD" page; just click on the "A" at the bottom next to the page numbers :)

Tyvm. Also I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying the game so far! The writing and pacing are both fantastic, and that along with the element of mystery are keeping me more than hooked - I'm enthralled. :O

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

How do I get with the quiet girl?


You can't.

She's hiding something and it will be explored in the future.

Same as the sword girl.

how can i talk to the dev
I would like to volunteer for translating from english to vietnamese


Here, he reads the posts when he does his social rounds.

Better to do it on the discord server

But I might have to mention that translations aren't planned until the game is close to finished.
Which won't be the case for 1 or 2 more years.


As Cursed said, I'm active everywhere that official versions of the game are distributed :)

I appreciate the offer of translating the game, but with weekly updates and my habit of going back over old dialogue and systems to polish them it's not feasible right now to hire on translators.

Once the game is in beta, though, I'll make an announcement about looking for translators and I hope you apply then!

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Id like to recommend a feature, i  think it would be a good idea to change the effect you chose on people, for example i shattered Luna, and im wanting to see what happened if i awakened her, but my save doesnt go back far enough, and id really like to not have to restart.

just a quality of life thing.


Doubt it'll happen.

It's up to Arc after all, but making it so you can switch willy nilly between powers would kinda remove some of the impact of choosing a power (whenever you get a choice)

And if you could switch for Luna, then people would start asking about the other characters and... no.

Look, if you want to switch from Shatter to Awaken for Luna.
Join the discord server, try to find me or ask in the help channel.
I can modify your save.

But I really don't think this makes sense as an ingame feature.

What Cursed said :)

Giving players the ability to undo past decisions whenever they feel like it renders those decisions pointless, not to mention dumping a massive amount of work on my shoulders as the whole system would need to be recoded.

So sorry, but you're going to have to live with the decisions you've made! ;)

you should have really thought about what power you chose to usee before hand or saved the option screen so you can go back at least

That's really the only other way you can undo a choice

but you won't be able to change it later unless you saved on the choice screen

that's what I did bc I'm big brain

So far the only difference between shatter and awaken is how they call you. Awaken have a lot of names like darling, my lord, and stuff while awaken is just master.

Is it really would not impact anything in storylines like Gwen and Chloe?

There is a 'back's button that lets you undo your actions if you want to try a different path as well.


And i see all the children you have are female so...


not all of them - they do seem to have preassigned genders, but a couple of them are male 


yeah I found out but still I think there should be incest 


It would've been very difficult to make different kids for each mother.

So Arc had to compromise.
Patreons voted for boys and girls but mostly girls.

Thus far, only two characters can have boys (Veronica and Annie)

so how do you have kids with them ,something or someone is stopping and I don't know how or who?

oh you have to visit the nexus you'll meet someone new there


Will there be incest in the next update? I'm asking for a friend bc they seem really into that sort kind of thing and I'm supporting them about it


Uh huh...

No, sorry, no incest.
Arc's main funding platform is patreon and patreon no like incest.
So Arc does no incest.

Only thing close to it you'll get is a character that likes it when you call her aunt but is not your aunt.
And some mother-daughter, sister-sister threesomes.

Besides, the game's setting doesn't really allow it.
The MC's only relative is an old man.
Mother is missing (main driving force of the plot)
And don't even ask about the MC's children, it won't happen.


if they could get older it would be ok though


What part of no incest did you not understand?

Colton just make me the thought of it. Will the children keep becoming a kid? Will they ever grow up? What happen if they grow up?


They will stay as children for this game.

The only reason they got a "jumpstart" was for you to be able to interact with them.

And of course, for them to have a distinct appearance aside from being an useless roll of sheets with a face poking out.


Having the children grow up would be a nightmare, due to the ability to have multiple kids with each LI. Keeping track of each one's progress would pose significant writing and coding issues, not to mention the headache it would cause you as a player trying to keep everything straight. That, and once the kids grow up, people would be complaining that they can't be intimate with them, dragging the incest issue out even more.

(1 edit)

So far, the only incest-like girls you could have is Jesica, Veronica (since you do her and her mother), and Kana (if we have the option to H her mother in the future update).

Why in the hot and crispy kentucky fried fuck would you see Kana as your step-daughter?

No, like. Genuine question.

I never got those vibes from her.

But then again, some people thought she was smaller, and were quite surprised at how tall she was when you bring her daugther to the festival.

And yeah, aside from Veronica there are a couple more side girls that have some mother-daughter/sister-sister pairings.
But they don't interact with eachother much, so it barely counts IMO.

I didn't get any of those vibes either lol. I'm sure there's something to be said about projection here... 

Anyways, to chime in on the aging children thing, wouldn't that also cause some issues regarding the rest of the human cast needing to get older as well? Seems like a loooot of additional depth and work for a game that already has so much depth and work, and much more yet to do to reach completion.

Sorry, I meant if we in the future will get an option to H her mother. Just like Veronica.

this game is really good! what program you use to make it?


Thanks! I use Koikatsu for the 3D modelling and scene creation, Affinity Designer to edit the still renders, DaVinci Resolve to edit the animations, and Audacity to create and/or edit sound effects and music :)

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